Motion Graphics

I've made a few motion graphics,

everytime I make one I discover someting new.

The motion graphics I made had a realy strict deadline untill now (someting like a week) so with more time

I think I can make even better motion graphics in the future.

Bouwapp (buildapp) video

This was a casevideo I made for an app that was in development for Recreate B.V. The video illustates a problem in the logistics in the construction branche this app offers a solution to that problem, The scenario was based on the results of a research I did for Recreate B.V.

Datatrics Video

A video I animated for Datatrics.

I've worked a lot together with animators, lots of times I made storyboards for animations. In a lot of cases I created the assets/components for the animations they used to make the animations.


Before I start animating a motiongraphic I'll make a short storyboard. This is someting I can do realy fast and efficient. I've also made a lot of storyboards for filmproductions. Its realy usefull to communicate what you want to show in a video troughout a storyboard/shotlist.

my storyboards where realy usefull for all kinds of videoproductions I was a part of.

Jack Backpack

A Casevideo I made for Recreate B.V.