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Board Game concept

Dino Dinner is a Board game I designed.

The idea was to put this game on kickstarter.

Creation Process

I have created a concept and the rules by which to play the game. This translated to a prototype.

I went trough several stages of development of this game. Now the game is pretty fleshed out and the game is pretty fun to play.

(according to the people who tested it.)

All the visual components, prototypes, and the font where created by me.

Augmented Reality Application

There was also a concept for an augmented reality app for dino dinner, I have made several models for this app. here is an example of a model.

portrait new5_edited.png

Game design

I have designed a bunch of characters for Rivals of Aether workshop.
Rivals of Aether is a game where you fight each other with different characters. 
I love designing new idea's and concepts for games that surprise people.

It is really fun to see many people enjoy and discover interesting ways to play my creations.

this character has a trailer but I actually designed a couple of characters and levels they can play in.

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